Premier Diamond Luxury Hand and Foot Treatment

  • The process begins with a luxurious Hand and Foot soak. We add refreshing peppermint, calming lavender or healing aloe to your soak to stimulate your senses while rejuvenating your hand and feet. The soak helps you feel deeply relaxed and prepares your feet for the next step:
  • the scrub. Once your rough spots have been softened in the soak, the special salt or coffee scrub will be used to gently smooth your skin.Dry patches and calluses are gently buffed away with the scrub or a pumice stone. The massaging action of our scrub therapy helps boost circulation and can promote healing for benefits that continue even after you have gone home.
  • Calming Massage

    A massage can be a great way to finish off your luxurious treatment. We apply a rich moisturizing cream or Oil  that penetrates deep into even the thick skin on your feet to make them feel silky soft, and we massage the cream particularly into the heels, balls and toes of your feet, which are often the tensed areas. Several massage techniques can be used to stimulate circulation, ease irritation and untangle the knots from tight muscles and tendons.

  • R600.00 – 1H30 min