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recently revamped 

cullinan premier hotel

Modern with a hint of history


16 Rooms each in a vintage style with a unique 
story to it.


Rejuvenate and be pampered in our Spa with a variety of packages

Bar & Restaurant

Mouth watering dishes yet classic favourites to fit your budget

Events & Activities

Organize your conferences, meetings and special events, small and big ones.

our Story

how it all started

As far as we can tell the building of the boarding house and hotel was completed in 1905.
The Cullinan Premier Hotel in 1908.
The exact date of the opening of the hotel is unknown. Even the original plans for the hotel and boarding house have no date on them.
It is believed that the hotel and boarding house were built in 1905 with probably the boarding house being finished first. The first reference to the hotel was made in 1907 when the Premier Mine Co-operative Society was formed. At that time a Mr. Heymaan was running the hotel and shops. It was stated in the minutes that the buildings would be bought from Mr. Heymaan. It is unlikely that the hotel was built by
Mr. Heymaan as the original plans of the hotel have Premier Transvaal D M Co. Ld. as a caption, the buildings being referred to, were probably the shops. The Co-operative Society continued to run the hotel until it closed in 1988.